Hey, I’m Laura.

At the age of 6 I made the decision to go vegan. If I was ever asked why, I’d reply, ‘Cows milk is for baby cows and I don’t like the baby cows getting taken away from their mums.’ As I’ve grown older I’ve learnt loads of other really important reasons why being vegan is such a great thing.

I was brought up vegetarian, in fact, most of my extended family are vegetarian too, which is pretty cool. Mum was always very supportive of my decision to go vegan at such a young age and this year she’s even made the switch to veganism alongside me.

I’m now 16, still an animal lover and vegan. I’ve started this blog to show you how easy and yummy a plant based diet can be and how beneficial it is to your health, the environment and animals.

I also need your guys help to spread word on issues people may not be aware of, as people aren’t going to change their ways unless they are made aware of what needs to change.

Thanks for joining me  🙂