How to survive veganism… Firstly, get used to having to ask the same questions over, and over again; also get used to people asking you the same questions over, and over again! There is no way to avoid getting asked the question, ‘Why are you vegan?’ when you’re vegan, it’s just not possible. People are intrigued, we’re considered strange to many (just as well most of us are proud of that). My tip here is to have how you’re going to reply ready to go in your head, know your reasons for being vegan and be proud to share them, ignore the judgers (they’re probably only reacting to their having to contemplate their own not-so-ethical lifestyle choices). Maybe even learn a few stats off by heart and throw a few of those in there for some evidence and a way to really sell the whole veganism thing.

Another unavoidable, annoying question people ask all the time is, ‘What can you eat then? Just veges?’ It’s hard not to get frustrated at this question, but people are actually just really clueless surrounding the whole veganism thing so take this question in your stride and use this opportunity to inform them.

Now onto what vegans ask. I don’t think any vegan out there could be vegan without having asked something like, ‘Is this vegan?’ ‘Does this have any animal products in it?’ sometime in their life (more than likely on a weekly, or even daily, basis). It might be annoying having to ask this question again and again, but it’s just part of the deal. Try thinking about it this way, places are far more likely to start catering for vegans if they get asked questions such as these a lot, because they’ll want to meet the needs of consumers – bonus for us and the animals. Also, I’m sure this question is worth asking a million times to know you’re not contributing to the un-ethical treatment of animals so try not to let it bug you too much.

At home, being vegan is pretty easy but it is a different story when you’re out and about. It can be hard when invited over to a friend’s place, or out to dinner leaving you to feel as though you’re always putting people out. I recommend making it clear to your friends that you’ll bring your own food, it saves them the hassle and you the guilt of having to ask them to go out of their way to make something for you. It is also a perfect opportunity to throw together something delicious and make them realise how yummy vegan food is! If asked out to dinner, say you’ll choose the restaurant, this way you’ll know there is stuff you can eat and once again, it’ll save you feeling as though you’re putting people out.

Another struggle with veganism some people run into is all the food limitations, especially when being new to veganism and finding recipes that aren’t too expensive while still meeting the dietary requirements. This is where knowing how to substitute dairy for non-dairy ingredients comes in handy. For instance, when I come across a recipe with 1-2 eggs, I can usually just substitute them for oil and it still comes out great. I also suggest having a lot of recipes up your sleeve to keep things interesting, if you have roast veges for dinner every night you will get sick of them after a while. There are so many recipes out there, sometimes they’re just hard to find, especially when you don’t want all the really expensive difficult-to-find ingredients many vegan recipes have. This is where my site comes in handy, I’ll post lots of affordable, easy options and it will all be on the one site so you won’t be searching the internet for hours looking for a recipe that meets your dietary needs and doesn’t require an expensive shop at the supermarket.

Being vegan can also be a tricky one if you’re going out. More and more places are catering for vegans now, but sometimes they’re still hard to find. I went to Thailand recently expecting to eat 2 minute noodles for the two weeks I was there but Trip Advisor worked a treat. We located some really nice restaurants and had really good meals (just type in vegan-friendly restaurants into the search bar)!!  All I’m trying to say here is that the vegan diet is easy if you know where to look for recipes and restaurants and how to substitute so you have more options when searching for recipes. I don’t feel I’m missing out on yummy food in the slightest, plus I get to rest easy every night knowing that I’m not contributing to the suffering of innocent animals.

Thanks for reading, leave comments to let me know what you think.